Start a Local Chapter


Interested in starting a local WIFM chapter? The first step is to contact a WIFM board representative or the Chapter Administrator. The information below should help provide some additional information to help get started. WIFM is a grassroots organization of professionals and we rely upon, and are thankful for our sponsors, who help fund the organization!


Step one: Reach out to the WIFM National Board to register chapter and receive guidance for next steps.

In the beginning, the roles below may be fulfilled by one person, however, the goal is to develop a team to help support the chapter growth.

  • Chapter Lead

    • Identify who is going to drive the effort and what geographical area will be covered

    • Liaison with the National Board to schedule and coordinate luncheons

  • Membership Lead

    • Start gathering data for potential members

    • Reach out to National Board for a list of members from the National database in their area

  • Sponsorship Lead

    • Develop sponsorship program based on National program guidelines


  • ID list of 2-3 potential venues for meeting

    • A Local facility of interest that may create a draw in the local FM community

    • Meeting space for 15-25 attendees

    • Ability to host or cater in lunch

  • Confirm annual schedule

    • Best to select 3 quarterly dates (October is WWP) with fixed days of the week.

    • Look for date conflicts with other associations (BOMA, IFMA etc)

  • Program

    • Decide meeting format (lunch & learn, all day session, ½ day session)

    • Include a building tour with the program

    • Table talks, facilitator, speaker, etc attendees need a takeaway

    • Post-mortem survey to collect feedback for future events

    • Key aspect is to develop opportunities for current and future networking among members

    • Promote WIFM website, membership, sponsors, and WIFM LinkedIn page

    • Discuss upcoming national and other local meetings

    • Include an opportunity to make sure that everyone is registered on the WIFM site as a member

    • The WIFM Board can suggest table topic ideas to help with your meeting.

    • The National WIFM Sponsor’s contributions help fund the local meeting lunches.

    • Note that compliance with WIFM sponsorship and trademark use is required to use the WIFM name with any marketing or publication.